The Future of the Car

The Future of the Car - From Ownership to Sharing and Automation

Transport Futures' timely (and sold-out!) forum on The Future of the Car focused on the shift from vehicle ownership to vehicle sharing and what “transportation as a service” means for the public and private sectors in the years ahead – especially given emerging technologies and government policies related to roads, transit, parking and urban growth management.

While annual public transit investments of $3 billion are now being made in Ontario, the province and municipalities are allocating over $4 billion to build, widen, extend and maintain road infrastructure each year.  This is important to meet additional growth pressures but recent trends indicate that car ownership and kilometres driven is declining and transit/taxi/car sharing demand is on the rise.  Since these trends will be accelerated when automated vehicles (AVs) penetrate the consumer market, today’s long-term road, parking and transit infrastructure choices should be re-evaluated.  Good policy, planning and decision making is essential when there are billions of dollars at stake.

With this in mind, 12 Canadian and American experts joined with Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca and 110 delegates to collectively discuss a range of car questions, including:

  • What is the public’s opinion regarding car ownership, vehicle sharing and AVs? 
  • How is the automotive industry and taxi/car sharing business responding to rapidly changing customer preferences, technological opportunities and government regulations?
  • What are different levels of government doing to encourage innovation in the transportation space and to prepare for the disruptive arrival of AVs?
  • When will AVs be ready for the consumer market?  What are the legal, insurance and privacy issues that must be resolved to accommodate them?


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