The Provincial Transportation Debate

Provincial Transportation Debate

Although Ontario’s election campaign doesn’t officially begin until May 9, the province’s four main political parties are in full campaign mode. 
It is difficult to say at this point what the “ballot box question” will be on June 7 but it already appears that critical transportation issues are being lost in the conversation about health, education, jobs, equity and taxes. 
To ensure that roads, transit, funding and governance are not overlooked during the current period of disruptive technological change, Transport Futures is partnering with TV Ontario to hold a focused debate at Innis Town Hall on the University of Toronto's downtown campus. The discussion among the Liberals, Conservatives, New Democrats and Greens will be moderated by Steve Paikin, host of The Agenda. More than 200 Ontarians will be in the audience while everyone else will be able to watch on TV or online.
Taking place on the afternoon of May 14, the two-hour debate will have five components: 
  1. Highways, Roads and Safety
  2. Transit, Intercity Travel and Smart Mobility
  3. Funding, Financing and Transportation Demand Management
  4. Leadership, Governance and Communications
  5. Audience Q&A
For those who would like to be part of the live audience, registration will be open on April 25. 
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