Federal Election Transportation Debate

Federal Election Transportation Debate

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Canadians voted for a Liberal minority government on October 21. Heading into the election, an Abacus Data poll asked citizens across 
the country to rate 17 issues that may be of concern to them. Transit came in at #15 with only 6% feeling that it is important. However, personal transportation choices have varying economic, environmental and social impacts on each of the “top 3 issues”:

  1. Cost of living - transport is usually the second largest household expense;
  2. Health care - car dependence can contribute to obesity, diabetes and heart disease while emergency medical care is often required in the case of 160,000 traffic accidents each year; 
  3. Cimate change - the transport sector is responsible for 24% of
    green house gas emissions.


To ensure that transportation policy wasn't forgotten during the election campaign, Transport Futures hosted a special debate on September 17. Politiciansrepresenting the Liberals, New Democrats and Greens discussed their respective transport strategies as they pertain to road, transit, rail, airport and marine infrastructure as well as related equity, safety, technology, environmental, funding, governance and leadership issues. Ben Spurr, transportation reporter for the Toronto Star, moderated the informative debate as well as audience Q&A. Thanks to everyone for joining us!

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* The Conservative Party of Canada and People's Party of Canada were invited to participate.

Transport Futures - Candidates

             Adam Vaughan               Diana Yoon                      Tim Grant              

                                                         Liberal Party                     NDP                            Green Party           

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