Mobility Funding Symposium


A hearty shout-out to the 100 delegates and expert speakers, including Minister Glen Murray, who participated at the Transport Futures Mobility Funding Symposium on April 8!   With recommendations on how to finance the GTHA’s transportation infrastructure expected to be made by Metrolinx on May 27, we heard how other international and Canadian jurisdictions have already chosen and implemented an extensive range of dedicated taxes and user fees, aka revenue tools.

Why a Symposium when Metrolinx and City of Toronto had already held public consultations?  Having facilitated Ontario's only comprehensive mobility pricing conversation since 2008,  we and our partners were concerned that citizens, along with politicians and stakeholders, were not being given the information necessary to accurately connect  each proposed revenue tool with Ontario's economic, environmental and social policies. To ensure that informed decisions are ultimately made here, we asked our global experts from the US, Spain, Australia and Vancouver to provide the following information in their presentations:

  • the historical, political and evidence-based evolution of road and transit infrastructure financing policy in their respective jurisdictions;
  • if current funding streams are generating predictable and sustainable revenues while supporting transport management, economic growth, the environment, social justice, good governance and quality of life;
  • a summary of lessons learned and perspectives on how to educate the public and politicians on progressive funding options.

Over 95 percent of our delegates told us that the Symposium met or surpassed their expectations. Here is a sampling of their remarks:

  • “An outstanding Symposium. Top notch presentations from the Minister on down.”
  • “Appreciated that each of the main speakers was given ample time to address their topic.”
  • “Good quality and relevant speakers; kept agenda moving.”
  • “The speakers were knowledgeable and provided good information on the topic.”
  • “Very good speakers who are experts but spoke in a very understandable way.”

The press also spent some time covering the Symposium before and after it took place:

For further information about the Symposium, please contact us.  In the meantime, stay tuned for our fifth anniversary Mobility Pricing Summit which will take place on November 18, 2013!