Goods Movement & Mobility Pricing Forum

Metropolitan Hotel, Toronto, Ontario -- Thursday, May 31, 2012

A hearty thanks to everyone who joined us at the Transport Futures “Goods Movement & Mobility Pricing Forum” on May 31!  The learning event marked the first time that key Canadian freight representatives participated in an in-depth dialogue about road pricing, parking fees and fuel taxes.  This missing piece of the mobility pricing discussion was skilfully supported by our international and national experts who provided cutting-edge research and perspectives on economic competitiveness, infrastructure and sustainability.

Delegates told us that the seventh Transport Futures event surpassed their expectations and over 80% said that it was very good or excellent value for the registration fee – or should we say toll!  Here are a few of their comments:

  • "Brilliant speakers!"
  • "Very relevant information and a very important topic which is not spoken about enough."
  • "Good introductory material and some provocative content."
  • "I'm always looking to find out what the trucking industry is looking for. What is their solution to infrastructure costs and what kind of investments can be made to make their industry more efficient?"
  • "Wanted to hear the range of issues related to freight -- certainly did!"
  • "I learned a lot and was impressed that such wide ranging views were organized for the panel."
  • "Very well done and interesting food for thought. I learned a lot, and have thought about the issues since, which can't be said for all conferences."

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