Solving Gridlock Forum


Thanks to everyone -- our amazing delegates, speakers and sponsors -- who attended the Transport Futures Solving Gridlock Forum on June 16!  

The interactive agenda, which included Ontario’s first-ever mayoral debate on transportation, eight cutting edge presentations and three panel discussions, was a great success.  Together we learned that:

  • the addition of new transit and roads cannot, on their own, decrease traffic congestion in the GTHA or anywhere else;
  • a new menu of retail and demand management approaches is needed to mitigate congestion, especially as they relate to transit service/comfort, complete streets and mobility pricing;
  • transportation infrastructure funding should be pursued only after rigorous cost-benefit analysis has been undertaken, evaluated and communicated;
  • politicians, stakeholders and the public are more willing to support infrastructure choices and transportation demand management (TDM) strategies if they are provided with detailed information in a compelling and easy-to-access manner.

Overall, 88% of our delegates rated the Forum as excellent and 12% as satisfactory which hits the average for our six year history.  Here's a sampling of what they had to say:

  • "Very interesting talks and topics!"
  • "Transport Futures conferences are invaluable for keeping important issues like project appraisal, congestion management and transparency in the limelight."
  • "These forums are always so well organized and interesting with many different speakers. This particular forum was no exception and I am impressed that it was possible to get the Mayoral Candidates together for a transportation debate."
  • "Excellent focus on economics and modes!"
  • "Road tolling is emerging as an alternative revenue tool with some seriousness!"
  • "The conferences have kept getting better and I think this one was a real milestone. It was hugely successful."
  • "Great conference!"

Our next conference will be taking place on November 24, 2014.  Please contact us for more information and join our listserv to keep up to date!