Mobility Pricing Conference

Mobility Pricing Conference

Thanks to everyone -– from Vancouver to Halifax -- who participated at the Transport Futures Mobility Pricing Conference in Toronto on February 3, 2011!

It was a packed day of learning led by our stellar line-up of ten North American speakers who provided us with analysis, insight and innovative ideas related to road pricing, parking, gas taxes and transit pricing. While achieving public acceptance will always be the critical element in establishing or expanding user fees of any type, the presentations gave us a much better sense as to how an integrated menu of mobility pricing measures can promote transport efficiency, sustainability and social justice.

Delegate feedback confirmed that the conference met the Transport Futures standard for learning and pushing the mobility pricing envelope: 92% of evaluations received stated that the conference met their expectations. This was backed up by very positive testimonials, including:

  • “Excellent presentations and great discussions!”
  • “Amazing mix of theory and practice.”
  • “Great content! I left with some great ideas.”
  • “A terrific day of information!”
  • “One of the best conferences anywhere in a long while.”
  • “You are riding a good horse with these seminars. Congratulations!”

These words of support inspire us to continue leading the mobility pricing conversation in Ontario. In just 28 months, we’ve had more than 40 expert speakers from eight countries share their expertise with over 500 delegates -- all of whom are working on sustainable transportation challenges and are experts in their own right. We will start working on the sixth Transport Futures conference soon. In the meantime, please be sure to add your name to our list to be kept informed. Your suggestions relating to our initiatives –- and any other mobility pricing ideas you may have -- are very welcome.