Mobility Pricing and AV Conference Survey

Transport Futures Mobility Pricing and Automated Vehicles Conference

During the course of the Mobility Pricing and Automated Vehicles Conference, speakers and delegates considered and compared more than 20 policies and issues. A special survey was developed to help delegates decide which ones were the most important and in need of further analysis. A total of 744 votes were submitted which yielded these Top 5 results (based on minimum 10 "Most Important" votes): 

Mobility Pricing - Most Important Rating (127 Votes out of 382 Total Votes)

1. Congestion
2. Communications & Public Acceptance
3. Encouraging Modal Shift
4. Land Use/Sprawl 
5. Governance 

Automated Vehicles - Most Important Rating (154 Votes out of 362 Total Votes)
1. Legislation and Regulations
2. Data Security 
3. Governance 
4. Safety 
5. Equity; Insurance & Liability; Land Use/Sprawl (tie)