Kathleen Wynne vows no increase to HST, gas tax for transit plans

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March 13, 2014
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Though the Metrolinx and Transit Panel revenue tool recommendations will do nothing to significantly reduce congestion, this announcement takes us back to November 2008 when no investment strategy action was taken by the original Metrolinx board. At least HOT Lanes are still on the table but it will be many years before they are built -- and unfortunately these lanes do not generate substantial funds for transit.


Premier Kathleen Wynne has taken increases to the gasoline tax and HST off the table but road tolls are very much in play as the minority Liberals search for ways to pay for transit...

“We are taking those potential revenue tools off the table,” the premier said, but refused to specify what other taxes, tolls and fees would be raised for Metrolinx's $50 billion Big Move plan for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).
But Wynne said “make no mistake” that the spring budget will include ways to finance the massive transit project. She added that tolls for high occupancy lanes are in the mix...