Infrastructure stakeholders issue open letter to Ontario party leaders

Item date: 
June 3, 2014
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Transport Futures joined several other stakeholders in calling for a transportation debate between the four Ontario party leaders before the provincial election takes place on June 12.

A broad consortium of organizations with members that build, design, manage and own the vast majority of Ontario’s infrastructure, transportation networks and transit systems has issued an open letter to the leaders of Ontario’s four main political parties calling on them to hold a debate to elaborate on their infrastructure, transportation and transit plans.

The open letter is as follows:

Dear Leaders:

The June 12 election is a vitally important opportunity for Ontarians to
participate in the management of their government. This is a democratic process
that goes to the very heart of what it means to be an Ontarian, of what it means
to be a Canadian.

Whether in Moosenee or Wheatley, Cornwall or Kenora or the corner of Bay and
King, Ontarians are eager to assess your candidates and your ideas.

In particular, Ontarians want to understand how a government led by you would
act on the infrastructure, transportation and transit files.

Ontarians know that there are significant economic and social benefits that
result from infrastructure investment and proper asset management.

If the province is to improve its productivity and provide people with the
tools needed to be competitive in the 21st century, a comprehensive long-term
plan in required.

We, the undersigned, are calling on you to hold an all-party leaders debate
dedicated to elaborating on your plans and visions for infrastructure,
transportation and transit in Ontario.

Please show the people of Ontario that time spent debating important issues
is indeed time well spent


John Cane, president, Association of Ontario Road Supervisors

Dan Cozzi, P.Eng., president Municipal Engineers Association

Mona Monkman, president, Municipal Finance Officers’ Association of Ontario.

Tom Bateman, P.Eng., president, Ontario Good Roads Association

Norm Cheesman, executive director, Ontario Public Transit Association

Geoff Wilkinson, executive director, Ontario Road Builder’s Association

Phil Rubinoff , chair, Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario

Martin Collier, founder, Transport Futures

Lyle Shipley, executive director, Water Environment
Association of Ontario.