Road Pricing and Parking Workshop

Road Pricing & Parking Workshop

A huge thank you to the 80 delegates who attended the Transport Futures Road Pricing and Parking Workshop (RPPW) on November 24.  It is inspiring to know that many Canadians realize that traditional transport infrastructure investments alone cannot reduce traffic congestion and related environmental and social impacts.  Mobility pricing must be added to the mix if real progress is to be made on these fronts.

With six years under our belt, the RPPW agenda was designed to educate delegates about transportation business case approaches, HOT Lanes/satellite-based tolling systems and parking technology/policy reforms.  Delegates then joined with our speakers to apply what they learned during two stimulating breakout discussions.  Over 92% of our attendees stated that the event surpassed their expectations and 100% said it was excellent or very good value for money.  Here’s a smattering of the impressive feedback we received:

  • "Many great topics, speakers, and breakout session discussion!"
  • "A range of speakers from multiple locations bringing fresh perspectives."
  • "Excellent well prepared presentations!"
  • "Policy orientated. Academic. Thought provoking."
  • "Best breakout groups I've been in for any other such conference."
  • "Good knowledge transfer event and opportunity to share ideas on how to implement change in Toronto."
  • "The breakout sessions were very effective and engaging."
  • "Good contacts and lots of food for thought."
  • "Best conference yet - case studies of cutting edge implementation - including a Canadian example."

We will be holding the Transport Futures P3s in Motion Conference on May 4, 2015.  Please subscribe to our listserv so we can keep you informed on our progress on this and other initiatives.  In the meantime, we wish you Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year!