Mobility Seminar


More than 45 professionals, NGOs, academics and citizens attended the first Transport Futures 2-hour seminar on October 26th.  Michael Glotz-Richter explained the political, institutional, cultural and financial foundations that have enabled the German City of Bremen to become a global leader in sustainable transportation planning by integrating public transit, taxis, cycling and car-sharing.  Transport Futures founder Martin Collier then led an interactive mobility pricing discussion outlining how tolls can help shift modal choice if and when Metrolinx implements the Big Move.

  • Michael Glotz-Richter, Senior Project Manager for Sustainable Mobility, City of Bremen, Germany: In his professional career in Berlin, Cologne and Bremen, Michael has worked on the link between urban development, transport strategies and urban lifestyle.  His success was the driving force behind Moving The Economy’s mobility hub initiative in 2003 which Metrolinx took over in 2007. Michael holds a diploma in Urban and Regional Planning from the Technical University in Berlin.
  • Martin Collier, Director, Healthy Transport Consulting, City of Guelph:  Martin founded Transport Futures in 2008 to facilitate Ontario’s only rational dialogue on mobility pricing measures: road tolls, parking levies and gas taxes.  He also provides government, private sector and non-profit organizations with sustainable transportation and land use policy, planning, research and project/event management services.   Martin holds a Master of Environmental Studies degree in Urban Planning from York University.