Subway Planning Forum

Subway Planning Forum

The Ontario government unveiled its $28.5-billion subway plan on April 10. Whether the province covers the entire amount or receives $17.3 billion from Toronto, York Region and the federal government, it will be the largest transit investment in Canadian history. If the subway system is built out by 2031 as promised, it would also contribute to the government's “open for business” objectives. Without a well-functioning transportation network, Toronto cannot compete effectively with other Canadian city regions, let alone international ones. 
To ensure that proper consideration is given to this historic Progressive Conservative Subway Plan (click to enlarge)investment in the context of other transit plans that are currently underway, Transport Futures invites you to join transit experts and politicians at a Subway Planning Forum on Wednesday, June 26. With the help of TVO’s Steve Paikin, we will debate the new plan’s pros and cons in terms of seamless transportation, smart land use, economic costs and benefits, cutting-edge technology, innovative financing, social equity, improved governance and environmental protection. Confirmed speakers include:
  • MPP Jessica Bell, Ontario New Democratic Party
  • MPP Michael Coteau, Ontario Liberal Party
  • MPP Mike Schreiner, Ontario Green Party
  • Derrick Toigo, City of Toronto
  • Shoshanna Saxe, University of Toronto 
  • David Dimmer, Thales Canada
  • William Denning, Walmer Consulting                                      Progressive Conservative Subway Plan (click to enlarge)
  • David Crowley, transport planning consultant
  • More speakers to be announced soon!                                   

The Forum will take place at Innis Town Hall on the University of Toronto’s downtown campus. As outlined in our interactive agenda, there will be four formal presentations followed by two moderated panel discussions. A half-hour has been set aside for questions from the floor. Be sure to register by June 24 to take advantage of our low regular rates – thanks to our generous sponsors

Who should attend the Subway Planning Forum?

Anyone who works or has an interest in transit policy/planning/engineering, land use, climate change, infrastructure, health, social justice, business, finance/economics/taxation, social marketing and/or sustainability should attend Transport Futures.

We look forward to welcoming you to Innis Town Hall in Toronto on June 26!