Road Pricing and Public Acceptance Workshop

Road Pricing & Public Acceptance Workshop

A big thanks to everyone who attended this year's road pricing workshop on November 12, 2009!  Almost 100 of us set out to drill deeper into public acceptance issues -- first discussed at our 2008 Forum -- and emerged with solid answers and some more questions. Based on the cutting-edge research and international case studies provided by our excellent speakers, we came up with a huge list of Ontario road pricing pros, cons and recommendations. This information will become the foundation of a communications strategy that will help elected officials, stakeholders and the general public better understand road pricing costs and benefits.

Here's a smattering of what delegates told us about Transport Futures 2009: 

  • “Discussion forums were great and in the right path to move the discussion forward.”
  • “Fantastic job especially in the face of lukewarm support. It was definitely worth the fare and my time.”
  • “I've been to a lot of these things and there are usually some boring or uninformative speakers. This time that was not the case.”
  • “The information provided exceeded what I expected to receive.”
  • “The opportunity to hear directly from world practitioners and experts was unique and valuable.”
  • “The workshops were an excellent idea. Very helpful!”
  • “This meeting explored a challenging topic and had plenty of audience interaction.”
  • “Very thorough and meticulously organized. Interesting!”
  • “You executed an event with a lot of complex moving pieces flawlessly and on time! You’ve really set the bar for future road pricing events.”
  • “Great job!”

With the unexpected help of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Transport Futures also became a focal point of discussion in the media. Here is a list of articles, interviews, editorials and letters that resulted directly from the workshops:

 Thanks again for joining us at Transport Futures on November 12th!